Stop Leaking Money From Your Business

Most businesses are not aware of just how much they are leaking money everyday.
Let us show you where and how to fix it.

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Mentoring and guidance are critical to success as an entrepreneur and business owner. From simple tweaks that plug the leaks or helping you pivot to gain profit and protect your business. As entrepreneurs ourselves and with decades of consulting experience we have helped businesses in every industry get the results they deserved.

Increase your bottom line

Reduce your costs

Reach new customers

The pandemic is making the problem worse, especially for small business. Navigating the current economy and the next 12 months is the number one priority. Businesses that adapt now will survive and thrive. We have seen this before and have guided clients through it to success.

Analyze, Maximize and Optimize

The Most Important Areas Of Your Business


Every part of your business contributes to your success and some are more important and need more attention. Starting there brings the biggest improvement and gives you more time to move on to other priorities and other areas and to expand your impact. 

How do I know if my business is leaking money?

The easiest test is to look at your current growth over the last three years (before covid) and see you your double in revenue and triple in profit? If not you fell below the industry average, that means you are leaking money. Because of that when you consider the next 18-24 months and what comes after covid you are at risk for even more leaking money. Now is he time to act. 

Where do I find the leaks?

You have to start by looking at each of the four pillars of  your business. Do you have a strategy in place backed up with plans and  tracking of execution? Are you being effective in your efforts, especially with Marketing and Sales? What are your customers saying? How has that changed in the last 2 years? in the last 6 months? in the last 6 weeks? These are the first places to look.

How do I stop leaking money?

You have already taken the first step. You have asked the question and are looking for the answer. The next step that you have to take is to get help. It is not your fault. If you could see the full picture you would have already fixed it. That is not your job. You need to focus on running the business. Do you want to spend your time driving your car? or fixing your car? Your business is not different. You drive the business, let us fix it. That’s what we do.

Get the Greatest Results with the Least Effort from Targeted Changes

When you know what problems to fix and how to fix them success is assured, even in difficult times, especially in the difficult times. 

Focus On The Right Problems And Fix Them Right, Before It is Too Late


Your business is unique and need a unique game plan to stay ahead of competitors and navigate the current market economoy.  We focus on the four pillars of your business so you can succeed.

Strategy & Implementation

The Foundation of your business.  Doing the right thing, in the right way, right now is the best way to accelerate your business.  Strategy is important and Implementation is everything.

Marketing & Sales

Maximizing your growth by finding the right audience and bringing them to you.  Building connection with them so they know, like and trust you makes it easy for them to do business with you.

Technology & Operations

Optimizing you business means using the right tools to make the job easier and faster. Because delivering high value and keeping cost low means more profit and happy customers

Have A Challenge – Get Help

The bigger the challenge the more important it is to get outside mentoring and guidance so you do not have to make mistakes. Let us guide you through our proven process to produce practical and powerful results. 


We would love to hear from you. Share your problems, challenges or opportunities and let's start a conversation today! 




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