“If you could find out what the most successful people did in any area and then you did the same thing over and over, you’d eventually get the same results as they do.”
~ Brian Tracy, from the foreword to “Leaking Money: How Your Business is Losing Money, Opportunities and Customers, and How to Stop It”

When we wrote the book “Leaking Money: How Your Business is Losing Money, Opportunities and Customers, and How to Stop It”, we had this very concept in mind. How can we use the stories and lessons learned from being behind the scenes business and technology consultants since the 1980’s to help businesses today?

How can your business use the concept of “OPM” — which we define as other people’s mistakes — to gain advantages today without experiencing those hardships and setbacks?

You sure can!

That’s why we are building this website and video programs.

Our mission is to show how to improve your business over a million times by 2020!

The “Leaking Money” book was about the need to look at our business in a different way.

“Stop Leaking Money” programs are about why and how exactly that needs to be done. You cannot be expected to know the best way to do everything in your business. Not every business can tackle problems in the same way either. But you can and ought to learn from the successes and mistakes of other businesses.

Then we asked ourselves — how do Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Professionals find out how to deal with situations when the success and failures from other businesses is generally confidential?

(Don’t worry we are not going to suggest studying business cases at a University Masters Program — the ROI is not there for most people. There is a better way for this too!)

Since we have been those behind the scenes consultants, in the boardrooms with closed doors and non-disclosure agreements, red faces and far away stares from clients who feared for their jobs if we could not show them a better path. We cannot tell you their names or specific details of their business, but we can show you the ways that work and are best for your business.

We have also seen the horrible, ill conceived advice given to Entrepreneurs by perhaps well meanings but inexperienced “gurus” and the resulting devastation that befell on them when they took that advice. Situations like:

  • People that skyrocketed their prices overnight and drove their customers away!
  • People that did not have enough sales so they kept building new products without figuring out how to market the one’s they already had!
  • People that spent tens of thousands of dollars on training or workshops or seminars without considering how that investment was (or actually was NOT) working for their business!

Just because a guru might be good at one subject does not make they good at every subject. We have seen “gurus” that have presentations on self empowerment, mindfulness and relationships start giving business advice. Why? Because they had a dedicated audience and wanted to sell them more. Meanwhile this “guru’s” business was going bankrupt because they don’t understand the fundamentals of building a successful business.

We have seen “guru’s” that are successful in Marketing suddenly start giving advice to health practitioners about their fees with clients. Why? Because the speaker wanted to give advice to their coaching clients, and there was no downside for them or their business. There was no analysis of the market space of their coaching client.

I could go on for a long time, but now is not the time! I’m angry and I realized it’s time for us to step up and provide real value in this space. People that are honestly working to start or maintain or grow a business need someone they can count on for real information to help!

So let’s continue with the facts.

We have noticed that the top three areas where Entrepreneurs, Founders and Professionals need to stop leaking money are:

  1. Lost sales opportunities
  2. No time to get the right things done that moves the business forward
  3. Flowing cash to low value expenses and running out of money

These are the topics that we will start exploring in our upcoming video series.

If you have a specific question or topic that you would like addressed, please send details to ask@stopleakingmoney.com and we will answer your question in one of our videos.

Until then stay tuned, and please share the stories to that more people can Stop Leaking Money in their business too.

Is NOW a good time to get started on your business? YES!


Brenda Crompton & Robert Hubbs

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