On Being A Consultant


Every few years there are a surge of people that decide they want to be Consultants. Perhaps they were corporate employees that watched as Consultants came in, provided key expertise … Read More

Building Business Experience


This post is about Business Experience which is all about is about knowledge. If you are looking for Customer Experience information go here <LINK> Customer Experience and UX Business Experience … Read More

Fear in Business


People don’t like to talk about fear, especially in a business context. Fear seems to show weakness, limitation, inability. This is not true. All too often fear, which we really … Read More



Consulting can be a difficult profession because it requires you to be focused on improving your clients businesses and your own at the same time. While every business has to … Read More

Grow Your Business

Get hold of your business growth

How do we grow the business? For many of us this is our biggest challenge.It comes in many forms and it changes over time.

Marketing: Engagement Magic


Marketing is how you connect with your audience before they do business with you, while they are doing business with you and after. Marketing is your face to the world … Read More

Success Strategies


Making your business successful involves a lot. It may seem like too much at time, but it is easy to tackle one thing at a time.