Be a small business!

How to fill in for the different roles needed in your company

It seems sometimes like nobody wants to call themselves a small business. Why not? In my business I have always kept it small on purpose. It gives me so much flexibility to be a small business, it allows me to enjoy the lifestyle that I want in additional to providing the value that is exactly what I am good at for my clients.
In fact, if you follow what many publications state my business is even smaller than a small business — it’s a micro business and I am totally fine with that.
My clients vary between small start-up and large corporations and there are important differences besides the obvious.
Small business cannot afford to have perfection; we often must go forward with good enough. Large businesses not only need to have something resembling perfection to their clients or customers as we have come to expect that large businesses do not make big mistakes. We expect them to know better and to have the resources to ensure that all goes well before they try to sell us something.
From the big business perspective, fixing errors after they have gone out to thousands or hundreds of thousands of people is also costly. It’s much better for their bottom line profitability to just do it right the first time.
This rule is different for small business. Small business must move forward with minimal viable product. It is important that we do not spent too much time perfecting something when we don’t know whether it will meet our clients needs.