Do not read sales statistics


I’ve seen this everywhere maybe you have too. It’s been making the rounds on LinkedIn, Facebook on Twitter it’s been all over. Anywhere people discuss business, especially sales and marketing, this has been showing up.

On the surface it would seem like it’s really important.  It demonstrates how there is a significant failure in the sales and marketing world for people to connect with a prospect and to be good and persistent at following up. It points to lack of diligence, lack of training and obviously lack of success.

Too bad this is entirely made up.

There’s lots of reasons why this seem to be so popular. Some people promoting it are trying to sell you something typically sales training and this is a really good thing for them to wave in front of you to get you scared.

Perhaps people are trying to make a point about how important it is in business to be really diligent. That would be a great but if all they’re trying to do is make you think. Unfortunately most places I have seen it used are not so well intentioned.

Yes there are problems with persistence among salespeople and there are problems with inconsistency among marketers as well. Any effort done by businesses to address these issues is a great thing.

What is important here is that so much of what we see and read online and offline for that matter should not be taken without a healthy dose of skepticism.  Consider: what people offering you this information want?  Do they want you to buy something do they want you to adopt their way of thinking? What’s in it for them? I have a vested interest in you believing something and if that vested interest in the mutual interest isn’t a win-win then you should probably be concerned.

And always do your due diligence with some quick fact-checking.

Here’s a quick example. The cited source of this infographic is the National Sales Executive Association. Seems legit. Problem is there is no such organization anywhere to be found on the internet. This is generally a bad sign.

So  if that’s made up, what else is made up?  Pretty much everything.

I don’t want you to think that this whole article is just about this one badly conceived graphic. The real point here is that there is so much online that cannot be trusted. Every business owner every business person needs to do their homework.

Be careful what you read. Be careful who and what you trust. Before you purchase products or services or hire consultants or even go on training courses or attend seminars be sure of your source and what you’re getting.

Make sure that it makes sense.

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