When You Hate Working


I was asked a question recently about the things I hate doing. The person asked if I get bogged down with doing things that I really hate doing but find necessary.

The context of the conversation was things that hold us back from our goals in our business. We were discussing the important things that we do in our respective businesses.

Another person spoke up to say “if there are things you hate doing, the best approach is to hire somebody else to do those things so that you don’t have to do them.” Everyone was agreeing, comparing themselves to larger companies where they have division of labour, so that admin assistants can do the tasks that the billable professional doesn’t want to do.

It seems reasonable….or does it?

Value vs Emotion

This was my response

The real question is not whether you like or hate something. The real question is;

What are the activities you need to do vs. have the opportunity to hire others to do?

Sometimes there are things that we really don’t like to do but MUST do to maintain the integrity of our business.

Geez there might even be things we like to do but cannot!

To be the CEO of our business we must be leading the activities, and that means stepping up to do that which is important and delegating or hiring others to do the things that we don’t need to spend our time doing.

If we “hate” to do something (like say responding to an upset, unhappy customer) then we put the integrity of our business in jeopardy.

Sometimes we need to give our head a shake, ask ourselves “Why do we hate this high value activity?”, and then realize that there are things we must do.

Then we must change our internal emotions around those things to embrace them and enjoy them anyways!